Little Love Photography by Fiona Norman (LSWPP)

That's me above!  I'm a photographer, mum of two highly energetic, sweet boys and married a lovely man I went to school with.  I'm friendly, very adaptable when it comes to working with different personalities (especially children) and have learnt since become a mother not to sweat the small stuff!  They are all fantastic, funny and sometimes challenging in their own way.  Every child I photograph is different, they are motivated by different things (be it praise, jokes, chocolate or a gentle, approach quiet).  I place this idea at the centre of all of my sessions and really let the child lead as much as possible.



In 2017 I decided to get my act together and start entering my work into competitions that I respected.  In February (my first month of entering) I won two bronze awards with the Guild of photographers and had an image featured as a top 10 chosen image by Soul Focus.  Watch this space for more awards.

Fiona Norman award winning photographer

How long have I been photographing kids professionally?  3 years

What qualifications do I have?  Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (LSWPP), Diploma with The photography Institute, 2:1 Degree in Pyschology 

What camera do I use? A selection of different Nikon models

What days do I work? Tuesdays, Fridays and some weekends

What professional bodies do I belong to? The Guild of Photographers and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers 

Who have I trained with? Gary Hill, Nina Mace, Tracy Willis, Katrina Parry, Yasmin Mason, plus I have been mentored through the SWPP.

Fiona Norman Photographer with camera Berkshire