Christmas will be here before we know it.  As a photographer I am always late organising these but I have a rule that I can't even think about Christmas until September!

So September is here and .... I am really excited to tell you about this years photos.

Little Love Photography - Outdoor sessions at christmas

This years sessions will be held outside.  They will be simple, candid photos with a christmassy feel.  I have chosen a location with beautiful evergreen christmas type trees as a backdrop.  I'll have the christmassy blankets out (I also have a sleigh), the kids can wear their christmas jumpers and snuggle up with a glass of milk and a gingerbread cookie and I can capture some beautiful real images of them as they get excited for christmas.

Outdoor pictures allow the kids to relax while they run around and be free.  There will be no need for them to pose too much and we'll aim to get some beautiful candid shots.

As much as I have loved doing the studio sessions, there are a few things that have swayed me this year to do it outside. 

1) I want these photos to be ones that you can frame and use all year around.  The more novelty type studio ones I have done are fabulous for christmas cards but not so much as presents because they are seasonal.  These will be portraits that will work in a frame as a present or a keepsake for yourselves.

2) If the younger kids (1/2 year olds) aren't feeling it, there is space to run around for a while to relax before we get them to join in.

3) You can bribe the kiddies with a trip to the park nearby before or after - everyone wins!

4) I ADORE outdoor photography.  It's just so much fun and I really think this year will be amazing.

When will they be?

I am going to run these on Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th of November.  This will give me enough time to edit and order anything you might want for christmas.  There will be 6 sessions each day so 12 slots over the weekend.

I will also run one extra day for preschoolers.  This will be Friday 10th.  If you have younger children and can make this I would really appreciate you taking one of the Friday Slots in order to keep the weekend ones free for school kids.

What if it rains?

I have back up dates of the following weekend 18th / 19th November.  We would be really unlucky for it to rain so bad that we can't run the session but I would ask that you pencil these dates in as back up just in case. 

How much does it cost?

£100 for one child

This year it will be £130 for 2 or more children (rather than £30 extra each like last year).   

This will include 3 images to download and a token present for the kids.  This year I will also be offering you the chance to upgrade to a fantastic 'gift package' to help you along your way with present buying.  This will be an optional add on once you have seen your photos.

The session itself will take 30 minutes.  After the weekend I will send you a gallery of 10 images and orders will need to be placed that week.

What shall they wear?

I will be sending out a guide like I did last year - but think woolly christmas jumpers, chinos, thick tights etc.

Where will the photos be taken?

They will be in a park local to Maidenhead/ Windsor - I am just confirming with the venue.

How do I book?

If you would like me to invoice you and get you booked in, please comment below with your preferred date and time:  I will offer the slots on a first come first served basis and will email you to confirm.  Payment will be in full toss secure the booking.

Slots available:

Saturday 11th

9.00 am SOLD - KELLY U-F


11.00 am SOLD - GEMMA T

12.00 pm SOLD - AMANDA B

1.30 pm SOLD- SUSAN C

2.30 pm SOLD - AMANDA S

Sunday 12th


10.00 am SOLD - ALISON F

11.00 am  SOLD - KATE G

12.00 pm SOLD - JEMMA B

1.30 pm


Friday 10th - PRESCHOOL DATE


11.00 am SOLD - MICHELLE M

12.00 pm SOLD - LOUISA H

1.00 pm SOLD - KIRSTY C

Thank you so much everyone, I have already had so many existing clients ask for these and I have to say I have the most lovely clients ever.  I can't wait to see your little ones get excited for christmas again and see how they have grown.

Fi xxx