The summer holidays are almost upon us and I have a photo challenge for us all!

I want everyone to focus on getting more 'real' images of their kids and the little things that they do each day.   I can be guilty of not doing this.  I often use the video function to capture them being themselves so that I can share it with the family, rather than taking a photograph.  However, when the camera does come out it's quite common to get them to look and 'say cheese' rather than capturing that natural moment.

As much as I think photos of them looking and smiling at the camera have their place, there's nothing better than looking at a picture of them just being them.  It takes you back to their personality and their interests at that time.

So.... Over the summer I want to challenge you to get the camera out and really focus on the things that you want to remember.... The things that would shape your child's identity if you were to use pictures to describe them.  Here is my guide to help you capture the best daily memories.

1) photgraph their mood

It's a great way of capturing their personality at it's purest.  I don't mean ignore them if they're upset (obviously they come first) or tell them to make a funny face, but if there is an opportunity to get a picture of them being 'them' in a moment then do it.  My son is currently going through an 'it's not fair' phase which is (mainly) cute/funny.   He crosses his arms together and sulks until it's sorted one way or another.  My other son keeps pouting for no real reason! I am glad i got to capture both of these this week in a matter of minutes on the trampoline, when they weren't looking. 

boy grumpy
baby pulling funny face

2) photograph them playing in their own world

boy building a fort

Kids get so lost within their own worlds; they run cafe's and make delicious cakes for us to try, they are 'baddies chasing the goodies', they are doctors listening for heartbeats on their doll's, they build dens to hide within. Get a photo of them 100% in the moment, it's bound to be one that you treasure forever.  My boys are den builders!

3) photograph them laughing

child belly laugh

There's nothing better than making your child belly laugh, get it on camera!  I find telling them jokes or stories about something silly you did as a child is the best way to keep them looking at you/laughing while you have the camera in your hand.

4) Get one with you in it

story time

Not a selfie, ask someone to take a picture of you playing/reading or just interacting with them.  This is something I need to get better at.  

I love looking at pictures of my mum and dad with us, especially when we are busy having fun.  Let's face it, when you're all looking at the camera smiling you could be anywhere, but when you're engrossed in play, you're in that moment and that moment becomes a memory for you (and for them) forever once it's been photographed.

5) photograph them running

boy running

Kids look so young and free when they run. Their happiness is uncovered and we see how the simple things in life put a smile on their face.  If you are using a proper camera, make sure you put your shutter speed up to around 1/500 a second so that you get a sharp photo.  If you don't know how to do this, choose an auto mode like sport.

6) photograph them watching the TV


Yes we try hard to get them out and about but most, if not all kids watch TV! It's part of daily life. For me, there is something so sweet about their faces when they are concentrating on that box!  They look relaxed and serious and the best thing of all (if they are small or energetic) is that they are still!!

7) photograph them eating their breakfast

boys eating breakfast

Kids are at their best in the morning.  It's where I get the conversation and most of all when they eat the most without getting bored!  It's one of the one things that you do with them every day.  So get a snapshot of them starting their daily routine no matter how crazy it is before they end up sleeping in so late that they miss breakfast!

8) Photograph them sleeping

Nothing cuter in my eyes.  They always look so much bigger than you realise too!!  If you are using a proper camera and it's dark , don't turn the flash on, instead turn the lights on as much as you can without waking them or open a window to let enough light in to not wake them and change your settings to deal with low light (up the aperture, lower the shutter speed, increase the ISO).

boy sleeping

9) Photograph them from above

It's a great way of making them look even smaller and getting a different perspective.  Grab a stool and get as high as you can and if you have a heavy camera make sure that you are wearing a strap around your neck!

baby in highchair

10) Photograph bath time

It's the time of the day i'm always most tired and they are always most hyper!  But it's a time I won't see for long, so I want to collect the memories of it while I can.

bath baby
bath time boy


I hope you find this useful, just looking at this small collection of pictures makes me so happy!  It's a snapshot of our daily life in our crazy, messy house.  I don't expect you to do all of these, they are just for inspiration.  However I would love you to send me your favourites over the summer (you can share them on this post).  In the first week of September I will choose the one I love the most and that person will win a family photo shoot for the autumn!

Good Luck!

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Josie Tyler... Congratulations! You win an outdoor family photo shoot.

I just adored all of the pictures you sent but especially these three... They some up being a mum to me.  The emotion they face and we have to learn/help them with, the day to day (that one did make me laugh) and those gorgeous moments we witness between siblings and friends.  Thank you so much for sending them over Josie.


It was a really close call between those above and Danielle Silver's two below... I especially loved the potion making one of your little girl Danielle.  Just love the things they do like that!

So I'd like to offer you a £100 voucher as a runner up prize too!  Please get in contact soon!