I wanted to show you some more before and after photos.  So many times in photography it's the work that goes on once that photo is on your computer that makes the difference.  This is especially true in outdoor photography.  A) because there is only so much impact trees and grass can have!  Sometimes they need a bit of extra colour to become wow, and b) because of the light being so changeable, it's often the case that we need to do things like underexpose our photos to preserve detail - as I will discuss below.

This photo is a good example of underexposing intentionally.  It was actually a really bright sunny day and I used this spot because it was shady, however there were 'hot spots' of bright light coming through the trees on to the ground which would have been very distracting if it was exposed correctly.  Additionally (and probably most importantly) they were all wearing white, which I was trying to prevent from 'clipping', meaning that I didn't want it to be so bright that the detail was lost and that it overpowered the light on  their faces.  Working on it in photo shop this way meant that I got the balance just right.

This pose for newborns often requires editing in photo shop as it needs to be done safely.  I always make sure I have someone helping me support babies head as well as sitting right next to them incase they startle.  So, the first thing I needed to do was to remove the hand that was supporting her.  Secondly, she (as 99% of babies do) had a pink/blue tinge to her skin which I changed to give her more of a warm glow.  I also removed a couple of dry pieces of skin, my rule is that if it's not something thats permanent or reflective of that stage I remove it.  Whilst dry skin is lovely on newborns and I tend to keep it when it's on the body, little pieces on the face I remove.

This image I struggled with as I felt it just needed an extra something to make it stand out.  So i brightened it, warmed it up in adobe camera raw and then in photo shop I brightened Ella up so she stood out more from the trees behind her (I also added a small amount of blur to help do this).

This was, as often happens in the studio a quick snap when baby was doing something cute and got me off guard.  I love it when babies grab their feet so not realising that my settings weren't right I snapped away only to realise it as slightly underexposed and she wasn't in the idea place with the plug socket being there.  It was a simple job of brightening warming up and then removing the yellow tinge from the background caused my the light on my walls.