Getting in front of the camera is a little scary to begin with but i loved it...

I recently had a coffee with a friend who is also a photographer and we decided it would be fun to bring our camera's and take some pictures of each other for our website's.  

Although I hated being in front of the camera at first (I was soooooooo embarrassed), Anna really put me at ease.  It made me realise how much talking to people and directing them helps in a photo shoot.  It's something I always try to do but I will have it at the front of my mind from now on - it really was an eye opener.  After a few bouts of the giggles we were both loving it in the end and ended up with much more variety than we planned.

It was also great to walk around the location, one that we both use a lot and share tips about where we place our subjects.  This photo I took of Anna below was a place i'd never used, yet walked past a hundred times!  She suggested it because of the background and we were sat under a tree which gave us some much needed top shade on a sunny day (which prevented us from squinting).  



I just love the pretty pink of the flowers in the background so much I used it in a photo shoot the following week (see below).  It completely saved me as it was so hot and bright there was no where i knew of to prevent getting harsh shadows on the family - but with this spot I got some great photos.

family photo shoot under tree

Like wise i showed her my favourite spot....   

langley park_photo shoot.png

It's a place I have used so many times - (see below how different it looks in spring and autumn). 


Brother sister kiss photograph maidenhead



autumn family photos


secret garden photo

I shall definitely try to get in the photos more often - especially with my kids.  

Thank you to Anna for the great photo's.  Check out Anna's amazing work

Now I need to decide which photo she took to use on the homepage of the website, any suggestions?

photo of photographer Maidenhead and Windsor
photographer from windsor
photo pf photographer maidenhead
photo of Fiona Norman, windsor
photographer with camera, maidenhead and windsor

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