Every day I see people asking for the best places to spot the bluebells, either for a nice walk or for photos.  So I thought I'd put this together.  Having been to three different spots this weekend for work and with my family I would say there's about another week left to catch them.



They are everywhere at Clivedon, dotted all around the water garden, and walks to the main house. However the best spot is the woodland walk.  If you park at the main carpark and walk towards the water garden / playground you will see signs for the woodland walk.  It is to the right of that area.  Follow the path way and it leads you across the drive to the most beautiful woodland, full of bluebells.

Ockwells park


This has always been a favourite for my kids with a nice playground, soft play and big open area to kick a football (plus Andrea's cafe does bacon sandwhiches)!  If you go to the right of the cafe/soft play area near the back car park there is a woodland walk / nature trail and the small wooded area has bluebells within it.  There are some nettles too, so it's not as accessible for the kids but is still a pretty walk.  If you go through the woods you will come to further fields where I spotted beautiful dandilion fields and thousands of buttercups.  Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at the time but I am planning on returning with clients this week.

Langley Park


My favourite location.  It is stunning at the moment; the Rhododendrons and Azaleas are in bloom (see below), the gorse bushes are stunning in the open field.  There is also a great play area and cafe for the kids to unwind and refuel.  Just a small patch of bluebells but a pretty one none the less - located just behind the play area at the entrance to temple gardens.  I am sure you'd find more if you look in the woods.

rhododendrums at langley park

Black Park / Rowley Woods


This is again a stunning location to visit this time of year.  The sheer volume of gorse bushes at the back of the long walk took my breath away this weekend and the rhododendrons have again made an appearance creating beautiful pink and red frames for your photos.

If you want to see a truly stunning field of bluebells come out of the carpark and turn right, walk along the road until you see a footpath on the left hand side.  This will take you to Rowley Woods were there are fields of blue everywhere.  Be careful as the road is extremely busy and I wouldn't recommend it with small children.

Bisham Woods


This is located at the bottom of the hill as you drive down from Pinkeys green to Marlow.  You will see an entrance to the woods on the right hand side.  It's a great walk for the dogs and the bluebells are again everywhere.  Plus it's free to park so that's always a bonus.

One for next year....

Fernygrove Farm


We went there yesterday and it was a great morning out.  They have a walk you follow that takes you through a sea of bluebells with a clear path so that you can confidently take the kids knowing the bluebells with stay intact.  It's not too long for them to walk and although we took the buggy it was a bit of a struggle at times.  The cafe and farm shop there is great, serving hot food and treats with a nice wood play area for the kids and sand pit outside too. It was my first year visiting but I am told they open the walk for two weekends every year, so look out for it next year.  It cost £2 each which went to charity.

Hedgerly Church Woods


This is a beautiful walk, with a sea pf bluebells and a lovely path for your to walk comfortably without touching the bluebells.  It's not the most accessible place so better if you are able to walk confidently with the kids. If you park on the road where the church and pond is and then walk through the church gardens you'll see a gate and footpath that leads you to the bluebell woods.

I really hope you find this useful and please do share any other great spots you may know of.

bluebell photos

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