As a photographer there are different things that motivate me.  I have always loved kids, always wanted to work with them, so being outside where they can run around and be free is perfect for me.  I get to interact with them in a way that puts them at ease and keeps them engaged as we move on to different spots, which allows me to get the best pictures possible

I also love it when I sit down to edit a new gallery.  Nothing is better than Autumn for getting a photographer excited; the colours are exquisite and even create great contrast for B+W's.  The kids are wrapped up warm and look adorable.  Families are at ease.  They are my favourite outdoor sessions by far.

I have picked some of my favourite images from this years outdoor sessions.  I really hope you all love them too.

Thank you to all the families included for making me so welcome with their family.

Also love this shot that I set up for my husband to take of me and my boys!