Hello to all of you who have booked in for this years sessions on the 19th November!

You are probably thinking about what to dress your children in, so I have put together this guide.  As I have designed a set up which you will not see before hand, this will help your pictures look cohesive and as festive as possible.

There will be some different set ups, all of which will be white / gold based  and one will have a little red.  This gives us more flexibility with clothing as it is fairly neutral.  

I have put together some Pinterest boards for things that I feel fit this theme the best.

Babies and Toddlers

Obviously the youngest children look really cute in onesies, especially if they are being photographed on their own.  I prefer ones that aren't outfits (reindeers/ elf etc) and rather patterned ones like this.... 


They are more timeless and lend themselves well to a 'night before christmas' type look. However, it is totally personal preference so I will leave that up to you.


For boys, Jeans and corduroy trousers work well with a white/cream/checked shirt and / or a christmas jumper.  Bow Ties are super cute on young boys, plus it's one of the only times you can dress them in one, so they make it extra festive looking.  Navy blue compliments gold beautifully, while red and cream look great together.



For girls, I think dresses, layers, textured material like tulle, lace etc look amazing.  Given the set up gold and Cream would look fab as would a bit of navy blue with gold (like the boys).



For brothers and sisters - a combination of the above that compliment each other is what to aim for.  If you are struggling, I tend to start with one piece for one child and then match everything around it.  If you are really finding it hard, siblings look really cute in matching pyjamas or onesies.  


If you have any questions please just ask and feel free to send me pictures of your ideas.

So looking forward to seeing them all dressed up!

Fi xx