Before I got pregnant with my first baby I had no idea how much NCT classes would change my life for the good. We turned up to the classes feeling embarrassed and fully expecting to poo-poo most of it, although (I was) secretly hoping we'd make good friends.

Well that we definitely did, and for me, when I see all the lists about what to buy in order to prepare for baby, the one thing I think that should be on there is attending an NCT class.  If you are lucky like me to have really great people amongst you, you gain a support group that you can't really get else where.  There are many people that have helped me over the last 2 years but my group of girls (and boys) and the support they give is invaluable.  We have talked about it all; the good the bad and the gross!  Now, with number 2 fast approaching it has been amazing seeing some of them also have a second and how everyone has rallied around again.  I love meeting up with them and I love that my son has a group of friends that he knows so well and has fun with.  

Anyway - not like me to be soppy on here, but I thought it was important to say all this as it made it even more of a privilege that one of my now very good friends chose me to photograph her little girl.  Here she is (and her big sister)!

Daddy is a policeman and wanted to replicate a photo they had done with the brilliant Ann Wo Photography a couple of years ago with their first born.  I hope I did it justice.