Ahhhhh sibling shots...  So important for many mums and dads who have a newborn shoot but also the one that can fill them with dread!! It's often the sibling shots that are my favourite.  So everyone is invested in getting them done.

I used to do the sibling shots at the beginning of a session (as a lot of the time they were the ones the parents really wanted) but I began to see the same pattern - basically the older child would not co-operate!

So, now my strategy is to spend time making the older child feel comfortable without forcing photos on them right away.  I let them feel needed as my helper when I arrive, unpacking props and choosing their favourites.  This usually gets them interested and excited for when they are to be the 'star' or the show.  Usually, they love it.  After getting them excited for their part later on It then helps if there is a parent, friend or grandparent to take them away and play with them whilst we work at getting the posed shots of the new baby. 

Once we have all the cute snuggly photos of the new baby, we ask their big brother or sister to come back and get in front of the camera.  It makes me laugh so much how keen they are when they are on their own - I get some great shots of them at this stage really posing.  

But then sometimes, the little brother or sister is brought into the shot and they go shy, get cross or just won't play ball.  Don't worry if this happens.   I'm used to it!

This is when lots of dancing, singing and jokes come in handy and LOTS of praise.  At which point, we usually get a shot mum and dad LOVE. 

There are obviously more difficult ages, children under 2.5 years are less likely to take any instruction so when this is the case we all work together to figure out the best way to get a shot of them with the baby.  

If you would like images of your children to keep and cherish forever them please get in  touch fiona@littlelovephotos.co.uk 07970 612867